Students 7th and 8th grade meet Monday evenings from 7-8pm.

We use Visions gospel Weeklies in our Junior High Religious Education Program. This program helps take the Sunday readings and make them easy for young teens to grasp, understand, and relate to their own experience. This program also teaches traditional Catholic doctrine at the same time. Each issue of Visions is centered on the Gospel, a Lectionary-based catechesis in a weekly format that replaces traditional textbook study. Students reflect on their own lives in relation to the Gospel, in ways that are meaningful, helping the students appreciate God’s word more fully at Sunday Eucharist. As they learn, they’ll be able to apply the Gospel in their own lives.

 The activities will help encourage our young teens to:

Weigh the challenge of Gospel values

Know and try to live the commandments

Practice solving moral dilemmas

Plan and celebrate prayer services together

Respect and affirm one another

Seek Christian lifestyle models

Faith Formation Office (510)483-4880

If you would like to volunteer or teach Junior High, please contact the Faith Formation office.